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Alopecia or hair loss is a condition that causes the hair follicles to shrink. The most common reason of hair loss in both men and women is androgenic alopecia. It is also the most common cause of African-America hair loss.

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It is a very common occurrence in them and severity is also quite high. Androgenic alopecia not only causes significant loss of hair, which is quite embarrassing, but it also damages the skin. Due to the thinning of hair the harmful ultra violet rays penetrate the hair and harm the sensitive skin. Alopecia can be inherited both from mother as well as father and the consequences of it are quite alarming. However, androgenic alopecia can be treated. There are many products available in the market apart from propecia(Propecia is not recommended for women) that is specially designed to cure alopecia in African American population. These products cater specifically to the needs of the African Americans. There are different kinds of treatment kits available. These kits contain Minoxidil (Rogaine) in a little quantity. Along with Minoxodil they also contain a moisturizing lotion for the hair and a moisturizing lotion for the scalp. Along with these they also provide with an instruction manual. These products can prove to be very helpful in treating the problem of hair loss in the African Americans.


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There are natural treatments worth considering .They mainly are based on healthy living and herbal remedies.These can be particularly helpful if your hair loss has just started.


I spent some time on the phone speaking with my doctor. I haven't told too many people, but I started seeing her for some hair loss issues. She gave me a call to see how I like the herbal remedies she prescribed. So far I told her I really like them. I love how they smell! I even told her that my husband seems to notice a difference because he's made several comments since I started using them. She was really happy to hear that. I'm definitely comfortable with this option..

Prior to learning about it I remember considering a few others but something about them just didn't sit right with me. When my doctor suggested herbal remedies it just clicked right away. Actually, taking the herbal remedies made me think about what other areas of my health could be improved in this way. It's really given me a lot to think about. My doctor has reminded me on a number of occasions that it's not just about supplements or herbal remedies though.She said a lot of your health is tied into your daily diet. She mentioned several things I could do to improve things in that area as well. I think the combination of better quality foods and a more well-balanced diet, along with taking the herbal remedies, is really helping!